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Through attentive analysis and comprehensive testing, Dr. Arias of Psychological & Neurobehavioral Associates Inc. is able to identify several different Developmental Delays or Traumatic Acquired Brain Disorders such as sports related Concussions and prolonged head injury often associated to chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). He is also skilled to testify as an expert medical witness for attorneys in cases that require a neuropsychological evaluation with a professional's perspective.

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Dr. Alejandro Arias

About Dr. Alejandro Arias

Specializing in neuropsychology, Alejandro Arias is the head psychologist at Psychological & Neurobehavioral Associates Inc. in Miami, Florida. Dr. Arias is unique in his ability to offer direct doctor access for his clients. He's earned a reputation for timely response to clients' needs, and a polite, professional demeanor. Dr. Arias offers complete neuropsychological assessments in both English and Spanish. These evaluations are ideal for those who require court-ordered evaluations, as well as individuals who would like their child, loved one, or themselves to be assessed. Dr. Arias is committed to serving as many patients as possible in the community, and even offers home visits if needed. After more than 15 years in business, Psychological & Neurobehavioral Associates Inc. remains a trusted name in the Miami community, and truly all of Florida. A new office location has just been opened in the Lakeland area of Polk County.

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